Supply Chain Integrators

It also claims that businesses could reduce their lost sales by 75%

Adopting end-to-end supply chain integration is a challenge faced by all businesses in trade and logistics, but doing so can cut waste and improve efficiencies.

A key factor in integration is gathering and utilising data. Standardizing this process can help all actors along the supply chain work from a single source of information.

According to Gartner, the supply chain management industry rose by 11% to $13 billion and could reach $19 billion by 2021.

#SPSC18 will go into detail about the ‘Smart Supply Chain’ and will examine the rationale behind supply chains.


Supply chain stakeholders want to discover:

What is the key to end to end visibility? Technology or ownership of the supply chain?

How will the supply chain change in the coming years?

What technologies are going to disrupt the supply chain?

Why should they care about port/terminal developments & is it their responsibility to know?

Who Sponsors?

Solution providers in the following areas:

  • IoT
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics/Sharing
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Infrastructure
  • Civil Engineering

Audience profile you will meet at SPSC18:

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Logistics & Multimodal Transportation Director General
  • Head of Trade Relations & Director National Trade facilitation Committee
  • Vice President for Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • COO
  • Director, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries
  • CIO (Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Information Officer)
  • Senior Vice President, Global Terminal Operators

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