Jan Gardeitchik

Jan Gardeitchik

Senior Lead Digitization | Port of Rotterdam

Jan Gardeitchik originally studied Chemistry and Information Technology and he joined the Port of Rotterdam authority 35 years ago as a safety & environmental specialist.

Within the Port authority he worked on various positions and was a senior manager for more than 20 years, leading both operational and staff departments. He was also trained as Incident Commander and has a broad experience in dealing with port emergencies. He followed” leadership and executive development” programs at the Erasmus University and became head of the Policy and Innovation department of the Harbour Master Division.

He worked on the introduction of clean fuels for shipping, like LNG, Port Call Optimization programs and Cyber security resilience.

After working for some time in the Middle East he now is the “Senior Lead Digitization” in the newly established department of “Digital Business Solutions”. This new branch of the Port of Rotterdam develops digital tools and solutions not only to the Port of Rotterdam but also offers them to other ports in the world.