Frank Heijmann

Frank Heijmann

Head of Trade Relations & Director National Trade Facilitation Committee | Dutch Customs

Frank Heijmann is a senior executive, holding over 30 years of Customs experience, having an in-depth knowledge in the fields of customs

legislation, international business and logistics. He is recognized for motivating people and creating enthusiasm and support. This

has resulted into the collective developments and implementation of novel ideas and solutions that focus on the balance between

trade facilitation and enforcement, with trade, governments and academia, as there are the University MSc program Customs &

Supply Chain Compliance, the BSc Customs & Trade Compliance and the supply chain innovation concept The Pipeline Interface, the

Innovation approach within Dutch Customs and academic research in various areas of the customs domain.

Head of Trade Relations, Customs Administration of the Netherlands

• Leading the Dutch Trade Facilitation Committee, involving trade, border agencies dealing with cross border trade off goods

• Executive in managing relationships on trade facilitation with national and international organizations

• Chief strategist on innovation, leading the Innovation Platform, reporting to the CIO of Dutch Customs

• Customs representative TopSector Logistics; being an innovative cooperation government, trade and science

• Leading activities of Dutch Customs on Supply Chain Security and Trade Facilitation Research

• Leading initiatives on introducing Customs Knowledge development in academia

• Advisory Board Member Dutch JSF logistic spare part distribution program and Neutral Logistic Information Platform