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43% will use IoT data to improve health and safety standards

Smart solutions underpin a massive part of the maritime industry’s current and future transformation. Industry experts expect spending on IoT to rapidly increase over the next three years.

However, current inefficiencies in data collection are frustrating efforts to fully utilise IoT and other smart software solutions.

#SPSC18 will tackle these worries and look to give a clear idea as to how big real time data can be best used, as well as discussing associated requirements for setting global standards.   


Supply chain stakeholders want to discover:

What solution do they need or do they need them at all because of the size and position of their port?

Should they follow suit with what other people in their community/innovation ecosystem are investing in or be individual?

What will they have to compromise in order to become “smart”?

What else will they need to invest in as they invest more in automation & connectivity?

Who Sponsors?

Solution providers in the following areas:

  • IoT
  • Communication & Connectivity
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics/Sharing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Automation
  • Supply Chain
  • VR & AR

Audience profile you will meet at SPSC18:

  • CEO
  • President
  • Chairman
  • CTO
  • COO
  • CIO (Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Information Officer)
  • General Director of IT/ICT
  • Director, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries
  • Endowed Professor Ports in Global Networks

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