International Ports & Port Authorities

Businesses in the supply chain, according to Deloitte, claim they could spend as much as $5 million on blockchain in the next five years

Ports play a massive role in the supply chain and smart technology, such as IoT and blockchain, are fast becoming vital components in improving efficiencies and safety.

IoT, for example, could see businesses in the maritime sector save as much as 14% within the next five years.

Throughout #SPSC18, we’ll be going into detail over the benefits of data sharing and how they can be achieved. We’ll also be looking at the effectiveness of business transformation models how to generate business and secure multi-stakeholder integration.


International Ports & Authorities want to discover:

How to justify these hefty investments without immediate monetary returns?

Will these investments lose or create jobs & how can they manage this change?

How will tech evolve with cross border politics? Ie NAFTA renegotiations, China Trade war, Brexit etc

How can they increase our value to the supply chain?

Will there ever be a global standardised process/policies and what will need to happen to make this a reality?

Who Sponsors?

Solution providers in the following areas:

  • IoT
  • Port Planning & Design
  • Communication
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain

Audience profile you will meet at SPSC18:

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Logistics & Multimodal Transportation Director General
  • Head of Trade Relations & Director National Trade facilitation Committee
  • Vice President for Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • COO
  • Director, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries
  • Business Unit Director Maritime & Aviation Europe
  • Senior Vice President, Global Terminal Operators
  • Director Port Economics and Operations, Ocean Shipping Consultants

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